Life in iosco county



Residents enjoy picturesque natural beauty from sunrise to sunset and dark sky watching at night.  Free time is spent playing golf, hiking, boating of all kinds, bicycling, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting year around.  There is always something outdoors to do and enjoy.  Numerous indoor facilities feature more organized sporting activities, a jogging track, and exercise equipment.  Residents live where tourists visit ... enjoying vacation every day.



Museums, art centers and galleries, Native American Culture Centers, nature educational forums, light houses and under water ship wreck tours offer cultural and educational opportunities.



Quality education from private, parochial and public, and from pre-K to post graduation facilitate all students enabling them to achieve their dreams.  A strong focus is on developing a home grown labor force that addresses the needs of businesses in this region.  



From a full service hospital to more localized clinics, Iosco County is up to standards set in cities for general healthcare, preventative care and critical care.

Shopping Amenities


Each village and city in Iosco County offers unique shopping experiences.  From Chocolate to Cheese to Specialty Shoes and boutique restaurants, Iosco county shopping is a destination for all.



Life in any community is enhanced by community organizations, social services, and non profit groups.  In Iosco County, there is a plethora of groups to join, activities to partake, and guidance to seek.  All organizations are active and provide richness to the region with their individualized services and sense of volunteerism.

Religious groups thrive here.  Whatever the faith or movement, Iosco County features a group that will fit your beliefs.